Imogen Ker recently stopped by our office for a photo-shoot and chat. We love to hear about all the amazing things our models are doing in the world, both in and out of the fashion industry. Imogen gave us a little insight to her world, what she’s passionate about, where she’s going in life, and who she is as a person! We love that Imogen is so passionate about supporting and helping other women! That’s why she’s this month Natural Model of the Month! Keep reading to see the amazing images and read our interview with Imogen!


Photo by @curt (instagram)

Did having a super model mom peak your interest in modeling?

I wouldn’t say it peaked an interest but it definitely created an ideal. Having a mom who was a supermodel did set an example that was always something to live up to. I know that modeling brought my mom pain, but it also brought her validation. Her physicality as a young woman opened up so many doors for her, financially and otherwise.


I know my mom never intended for that to be something I strived for but it was. She is such a strong role model in my life. My mom would sometimes speak about modeling fondly and tell stories of all the incredible places she got to go/to live. But most of the time, she talked about how she felt like she was a part of a meat market.”


What are your goals in life? What are you currently doing outside of modeling?
“Modeling is actually a pretty small part of my life. I am a full time student at UCLA, I work at a department store, and I am a doula. What is a doula? Don’t worry, most people don’t know. As a doula I help women through their labor and birth. I am emotional and physical support. I can not perform any medical procedures because I have not been trained for anything like that. This is why I am going through school, to eventually become a Certified Nurse Midwife and deliver babies (I’ve got a thing for birth).”

What is the biggest piece of advice you could give other women?
“Support each other. We need one another to make a stand for ourselves in this world. Also, read and educate yourself. The only way you can make the best decisions in life is to know what is going on around you. Being informed is a must.”


Photo by @curt (instagram)

How would define your personal style?
“My personal style is very simple/minimal. I recently made the promise to myself not to buy anything made in countries that don’t have labor laws or environmental regulations. I had a class this quarter which studied the poor conditions of the employees of clothing factories in countries like China, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, India, Mexico, etc… It is mostly women who are working in these factories. These women (and men) are literally dying from their conditions of work, for a job that doesn’t even pay them enough to survive. So, now my style is very… expensive.  But totally worth it.”

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Written by naturalmodelsla