Our girl Tabria Majors interview with Galore Magazine.
Well known for her works with Forever 21 and recently being one of the 15 finalist for Sports Illustrated Swim Search, Tabria Majors is a model who is giving the industry a run for it’s money. Breaking the internet with her curves on the daily, she is very open about body positivity. She embraces the f-word, and is constantly showing off her skills that totally de-stigmatize concepts that come with being a thicker women.

How did you break into the modeling industry?

My agent in LA actually found me on Instagram when I had under 2,000 followers. We set up a meeting and I signed with them a few months later.

Was it hard, being that the industry is kind of dominated by sample sizes or what would be considered average?

Fortunately, for me, the sample size for plus is a 14 so I was able to start booking work fairly quickly. The industry is still dominated by sample sizes, but it’s becoming more inclusive of a broader size range

What would be considered plus size in the modeling agency vs. your definition of plus-sized?

A few years ago, plus size was anything over a size 4, but now the industry has adopted the term “curve” which, I think, encompasses 6-12 and plus as 14+. Some people use curve as a blanket term for anything over a size 4 and others make the distinction between curve and plus.

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Written by naturalmodelsla