Modeling is more than just a day’s work for Brielle, the friendly—and stunning—woman featured in our coolest campaigns and product photography. Read on to learn more about this admirable gal! One disclaimer, though: her confidence is contagious.Brielle Anyea

What, to you, makes the perfect outfit?

Honestly, I believe your confidence makes the best outfit. I’m not big on trends or having a say on who should wear what. But, I believe everyone should have a ton of confidence and owning whatever they decide to wear! Confidence MAKES the outfit.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about doing whatever my heart desires. I tend to get wrapped in the basic routine of survival. Wake up, go to work, pay bills, eat, go to sleep, repeat. Because of this, I tend to lose myself and all of my passion withers away. To counteract that, I decided that whatever I do, I do it with the most passion. If it seems boring, draining, or flat out silly, I won’t take part.

Brielle Anyea

When you’re not on set, where might we find you?

You’ll most likely find me at home binge watching Netflix, doing dance cardio, or somewhere in nature taking a long walk. I’m not really a person who parties anymore, so I tend to stay home a lot. I find peace with being alone in my thoughts. It gives me the energy needed to prep for the next big thing!

What have you learned from being a model?

I’ve learned that being a model in an age of social rebellion, revolution, and retaliation requires me to do my part as a member of society.

When I first started modeling, I looked at it as a way to make some money while trying to make it as an actress in Hollywood. But when I realized how hard it was to get roles AND modeling jobs, quickly I understood “my place” in this industry. I could, of course, just be the typical token, or I could work my butt off to be a top model and open more doors for women like myself in the future.

I’m not just a model anymore; I am an advocate for plus-size women and plus-size models of color. Advocacy kind of fell into my lap after receiving many emails, comments, and messages of how my just doing my job inspired so many women to do something courageous. That courageous thing could be something as simple as putting on a tank top and letting their arms be free, looking in the mirror and accepting all of their flaws, or being proud of their beautiful brown skin.

It’s a great time to be who you are and I am taking full advantage of that. I’m nowhere near where I want to be as a model, but that’s the purpose of this being a journey. Can’t experience all the great moments at once. Hopefully you’ll see me on “Vogue” one of these days!

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