About Natural

NATURAL NBradford and Katie H. Willcox founded Natural Model Management in 2011. Katie has been a top plus model for over a decade, giving her tremendous insight into the elusive industry. Since opening their doors in 2011, Natural has quickly become the “go to” agency for plus models on the West Coast. Models who were scouted and developed by Katie, and the Natural Team have been featured in Vogue, Self Magazine, Darling Magazine, Ebony Magazine, and many more. These models have also done major campaigns for Forever 21, Kohl’s, Lane Bryant, BonTon, Levi’s, Old Navy, and H&M. Natural’s Team still gets the butterfly feeling every time out girls book a major campaign or editorial, that’s one of the perks of having a smaller board and stronger bond between the agency and models.

Katie and Bradford were inspired to open Natural Model Management in Los Angeles after seeing a shift in the public’s preference for models that represent health and an attainable reality for the average woman. Natural’s mission is to let models be healthy and happy, while providing them with an opportunity to work as a model at their natural body shape and size.

At Natural Models, we strive to create an environment that encourages personal health. Models are encouraged to find a healthy weight for their bodies through acts of self care, and love, such as exercise and eating well.  We know you look your best when you are healthy!

Many of the models have become involved with Healthy is the New Skinny, another company founded by Bradford and Katie, to teach women self-love and healthy body image. Not every woman can be a fashion model but every woman can model self-love, kindness, healthy body image, intelligence, and their own unique self, which we believe is the real depiction of beauty. Many of our models love the chance to interact with young girls and show them that they are so much more than their bodies or looks!

At Natural Models, we specialize in scouting and development of new talent. Because the majority of our management team were models themselves, we are able to cater to the needs of a new model and give them the coaching and time needed to develop their portfolio, understanding of the industry, and their modeling skills on set.  We want our models to be well prepared and confident when working for a client to ensure that they will be rehired and have the best chance at a long lasting career in the industry.

Katie and the Natural team are passionate about creating social change inside and outside of the fashion industry. We hope to see our models fully understand the opportunity they have to become role models for thousands of girls and women. This is a heavy responsibility to place on young girls who are just discovering who they are themselves and that is why we have created a friendly, positive, and professional environment for our models and staff. Every modeling agency is different and has a different working environment. At Natural Models we are looking for models who are not only beautiful but also have beautiful personalities and have synergy with our brand message.

Watch the video below to see Katie H. Willcox speaking about Natural Model Management, and Healthy is the New Skinny on numerous news outlets!